The Disappearance of Andrew Gosden

The one case that no matter how much time has passed, has always stuck with me is the one of 14-year-old Andrew Gosden...

Andrew was born on the 10th of July 1993 and was described by his family as being "very exceptionally clever, almost genius level" and it's been over 10 years since he was last seen.

First Post!

So, hi! My name is Sophie and you may know me from my other blog ( if you don't, that's totally fine, welcome! I started Belle Chaton in 2011 and initially, it was completely just a simple beauty blog, but time went by and I changed as a person. Don't get me wrong, ya girl still loves a lipstick and a glittery eyeshadow, but I guess I just realised there is more to life than having a huge makeup collection. Wow, groundbreaking stuff, eh?

I've always had such a huge interest in creepy and morbid stuff, even as a small child. I loved weird tv shows and the horror genre from a very young age and my parents always found it a little weird and would always call me morbid but it didn't phase me,  I found it all so fascinating!

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